Is Fall or Winter a Good Time to List Your Home?
Fall Vs Spring When Selling
Most prospective sellers have the mindset that Spring and Summer is the best time to sell their home. The reality is the numbers show that your odds of selling your home in the Fall (and even the Winter) are just as good as the Spring. The reason is that the competition from other sellers is much lower in the Fall and Winter.
Let's see what the numbers say...
Looking at the number of homes that sold last year in each month versus the homes for sale that month provides us the ratios for the certain months in our 3 major Northern Colorado markets:
Fort Collins
· March = 38%
· October = 38%
· December = 55%
· March = 39%
· October = 43%
· December = 46%
· March = 48%
· October = 49%
· December = 82%
These ratios show there is no advantage of waiting until the Spring to sell.
Sellers also have the advantage of knowing the "known" versus the "unknown" when it comes to interest rates, demand levels and other market factors.
If you would like to see the odds of selling in your particular neighborhood and your particular price range, contact us today.