Selling a Home after Decades of Owning

First Time Selling After Decades of Owniing

Selling a Home after Decades Owning for a first-time seller can be a daunting task; particularly, if you have lived in your home for at least five years.  But for elderly sellers who have lived in their home for their entire adult life, it can seem impossible.

 Not only is it an emotional resistance they experience in selling their home; but, they are usually not aware how the odds of clearing out personal items improves the odds of a sale.  The best advice we can give these sellers who have never dramatically decluttered their homes is to do it in stages, clearing one room at a time.  When taking their time and doing it in a slower pace, it can ease the mental and emotional pressure involved in getting rid of personal items.  Once the sellers see the results in one room they are encouraged to continue working on the rest of the house. 

At West Realty, we are trained to help sellers in these situations.  It is important for first-time sellers to be educated on what the market is currently doing.  Sometimes the sale may not be going in the direction that they would like it to go.  At West Realty, we re-evaluate and look for strategies to offset the negatives.  We always tell the seller the truth – we don’t sugar-coat what needs to be done. 

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